Ettus Research USRP B200/B210 simple case

Hi there. If you are into SDR and out looking for signals, you have probably heard about Ettus Research products.

In case you have bought B200 or B210 product you know that these will be delivered without any case/box. Since this product is a bit expensive and you for sure want to have some kind of protection, here is idea you could use for your device.

I have heard that some people had luck to have someone who can build special purpose case(s) from aluminum, or have patience to wait for special China delivery (for months), but for those who are in no luck, we can simply use some 5mm Acrylic Glass as it’s very common, cheap, easy to cut, engrave and provides fair protection for packing and traveling.

First, get one of these vector files I have created for cutting and if you like engraving of Acrylic Glass sheets. You can give these to anyone who has Laser engraving services. Here are 3 vector files (same), a EPS, SVG and PDF versions just in case. Using Acrylic Glass was not my idea, first time I have seen it, was from Voja Antonic who build similar case for his retro gaming console.

It will look something like this:

My choice for screws was that bottom ones will be 10mm and top ones 20mm as that’s enough space for B200 to be naturally cooled. After assembly it will look (hopefully) like this:


Since it’s 45mm “fat” it can stand by side like this:

Bottom pic:

I do hope this helps you out and if so I would like to see your pictures of devices after they are done. Please share ideas.

You can contact me @gerzic


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