33c3 Packing

This year, for 33c3 I am packing lite. Some friends asked what gear I will bring to event, and instead of repeating myself, I have decided to make small blog post about it. Idea is to pack everything with one backpack for easy carry.


1) GORUCK GR1 backpack
2) GORUCK wire dopp
3) Lenovo T440s notebook
4) Mac Book Pro 13" Retina
5) GORUCK field pocket (cables, chargers etc.)
6) Lenovo extra batteries for Lenovo T440s
7) Tenergy 16k battery pack
8) Zendure battery pack
9) Box for various antennas
10) Hard padded case for 3.5" HDD’s or other items
11) Notepad
12) Headphones
13) USB lamp
14) Lock picks
15) Thermal USB cam
16) Nalgene 1L bottle
17) TP-LINK M5350 Router
18) TP-LINK 3020
19) Motorola c118
20) Nokia 6210
21) Nexus 5
22) Baofeng GT3
23) Surefire
24) Letherman
25) USRP B200
26) 12V inverter
27) Netgear GS105E+
28) Alfa Wifi USB dongles
29) Ubertooth
30) DVB SDR USB dongle
31) RPi’s
32) USB dongle box & few zip ties
33) Tesa hook & loop strips
34) Hard case box
35) Thin wire stripping pliers
36) Galaxy Tab
37) Hands free phone headset
38) LED lamp
39) Extension cord
40) 550 cord bracelet

Some small various items like cables, dongles, adapters, pens etc. are not listed.


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